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Try our Full Exterior Painting and Carpentry for Fall

Cleaning the exterior, removing mildew, replacing bad wood and applying a fresh coat!

Every seven years or so, a house passes through a major exterior painting process which includes lots of preparation, wood replacement, full priming and two coats of paint. For a median size house the cost reaches $7,000.00 in average. It means that $1,000.00/year are expended for the exterior painting maintenance. Some problems may arise with this approach:

  1. During these seven years, the paint wears out exposing the woodwork, stucco, metal, while waiting for the seventh year until their treatment. As a result, those substrates tend to decrease inlife time, foreseen a high maintenance cost on the future.

  2. When the seventh year comes, the preparation will be extensive. Lots of scraping, woodwork replacement, treating carpentry bees’ holes, cleaning mildew, applying full coat of primer and two coats of paint. Incurring in a higher cost of material and labor

What’s Keupaint Fresh Coat, and how does it helps on budget and protection?

  1. Keupaint Fresh Coat is an exterior house maintenance procedure which extends the life time of its substrates while maintaining the beauty and lowering the maintenance cost. With four years warranty, we make sure you have peace of mind

  2. After three to four years that a house has been painted, we power-wash your house, inspect for any bad wood, treat the carpentry bees’ holes, clean any mildew, spot priming as needed, and apply one fresh coat of a top grade paint. As a result, the preparation won’t be extensive, the material will be much less and consequently the labor cost will be much lower! It would bring the cost to $800.00/year in average.

  3. Because the inspection will be much earlier, three to four years, the substrate won’t decay as much, the paint won’t fade away as it would be with seven years of waiting for recoat. As a result, the house always looks fresh, no much marks of old paint jor, alligatorss, and it always looking beautiful.

Send us a message and we’ll pass by to inspect your house and explain the options that helps you on savings and protection of your house.

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