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Exterior Painting

Besides protecting your home, an exterior painting brings the beauty of it.

Since 1997 we have been learning how best to protect each substrate that composes your home while helping you to decide the best finish and colors to beautify it

Leather Sofa

Interior Painting

Colors change your mood, help you sell or buy a house. A fresh coat of paint to the interior of your home brings smiles to your face, and if you want to sell your house the colors will give a welcome to prospective buyers

Modern Bathroom

Bathroom Facelift

We don't need to go through a major renovation in order to update the looking of our bathroom. A facelift does just that! It can varies from minor changes to completely modifying its looking

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Modern Kitchen

Kitchen Facelift

Are you tired of seeing the same kitchen everyday? A facelift will totally modify it and at the same time keeping the cost low

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Cleaning Ladies

House Deep Cleaning

There are so many reasons to contract a professional cleaner crew, and we are here to serve you when you need just a quick cleaning to a deep cleaning


Exterior House Cleaning

Cleaning gutters, windows panes, removing mildew and moss, preventing carpenter bee are also part of the maintenance of the house



Often when we estimate an exterior painting we see the need for carpentry work. Some are minor others are major; however, no matter the extent of it, it's important to fix the wood to prolong the lifetime of the painting.

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